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Tanya Parus

Tanya's candidacy is not rooted in politics but in a deep commitment to addressing critical healthcare issues and transforming Sarasota Memorial Hospital into a safe and welcoming institution. Her vision transcends political divides, as these issues affect all patients, regardless of background. Tanya advocates for excellence in patient care, placing people above profits. Her candidacy is not about choosing a political side but about prioritizing the well-being of every individual. Imagine voting for someone who will always prioritize your health and well-being over financial gains. That's why it's crucial to consider Tanya Parus as a candidate who represents everyone.

Tanya's Platform

“A dedicated fighter for the rights and well-being of the individuals in our community.”



As a candidate for the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board, I’m fully committed to improving the services provided by the hospital and ensuring a safe, respectful and professional environment – not to mention top-notch standard of care.

Patient Satisfaction:

I believe that patient satisfaction should be a top priority for the hospital. As a board member, I will work to ensure that every patient receives the care and attention they deserve, that their concerns are heard and that their feedback is addressed in a timely manner.

Quality of Care:

I’m committed to improving the quality of care provided by the hospital. This includes ensuring that the hospital is staffed with qualified and experienced healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their patients.

Community Health:

As a board member, I will work to improve the overall health of our community. This includes promoting healthy lifestyle choices, providing access to preventative care, and ensuring that the hospital is equipped to handle any public health emergencies that may arise.

Transparency and Accountability:

I believe that transparency is key to building trust between the hospital and the community it serves. As a board member, I will work to ensure that the hospital operates in an open and transparent manner, and that all members of our community are kept informed of important decisions and developments. As a board member, I fight for your rights. I will make sure that Sarasota Memorial is held accountable for its actions and decisions. I will work to ensure that the hospital is fiscally responsible and that its resources are used in the best interests of our community.

Addressing Emergency Room Staffing Challenges:

I recognize the critical staffing challenges faced by Sarasota Memorial Hospital's emergency room at both Venice and Main campus, especially during peak seasons when patient volumes surge. I'm committed to addressing these challenges by advocating for increased staffing levels, improved scheduling practices, and enhanced support for frontline healthcare workers. I believe that every patient deserves prompt and compassionate care, regardless of the severity of their condition, and will prioritize initiatives to alleviate overcrowding and long wait times in the ER.

Collaboration and Innovation:

I believe in fostering collaboration and innovation within Sarasota Memorial Hospital to improve patient outcomes and enhance healthcare delivery. I will support initiatives that promote interdisciplinary collaboration and the adoption of innovative healthcare technologies and practices with its public stakeholders input.


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Mail:    2304 Midnight Pearl Dr.

            Sarasota, FL 34240

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